Gay San Francisco: 4 Attractions to See

Gay San Francisco

I just got back from San Francisco, and I’m trying to prevent the after travel depression that often happens after a really great travel experience. I was living in a world with perfect public transportation, gay pride everywhere, outdoorsy getaways, quirky shops, and thriving queer nightlife. I saw rainbow painted streets, people reading trans liberation books on the metro, stores with rainbow flags, and queers holding hands. Needless to say, San Francisco was pretty much a gueer gals paradise. If not for the incredible cost of living here, I might pack up my bags and move today. Here are 4 great attractions I saw:

GLBT History Museum

Gay San Francisco: GLBT Museum

Where:  4127 18th Street, 1/2 block west of Castro Street Cost: $5; Get there: Metro lines K, L or M to Castro Station, then walk one block south to 18th Street

This is a small museum, but definitely worth a trip. Learn about the beginnings of lesbian activism, listen to queer Asian Pacific Islanders stories, read about historic gayborhoods in San Francisco, and learn about the pioneer HIV/AIDS activism beginnings. The museum also features a small gift shop with proceeds that go to the GLBT historical society of San Francisco.

Dolores Park & Mission Neighborhood

Gay San Francisco: Dolores Park

Where:19th & Dolores St Get there: Muni J, M, L, 14, 49, 48, 67, 53, 22, 26, 27, 33

Dolores park was probably my favorite spot in all of San Francisco that I visited. Dolores park is an urban park with high hills and green space bordered by the Mission and Castro neighborhoods. The hills feature breathtaking views of the whole city. Go there to sleep, tan, read, or people watch. The Mission neighborhood is a bordering gayborhood, where you can stroll the streets and explore the quirky shops, bookstores, and coffee shops.

Castro Neighborhood

Gay San Francisco

Where: The Castro, San Fran Get there: Muni L, M, 35, 21, 37, 33, 38, 35

Castro neighborhood is the historical gayborhood of San Francisco. This neighborhood was the most outwardly “gay” of all the neighborhoods I visited. Rainbow flags were on every street corner, pedestrian crosswalks were painted rainbow colors, even bank ATMs had rainbow backgrounds in some areas of this neighborhood. I was pretty much floored. I had never seen a neighborhood with more rainbows. Just for this aesthetic appeal, Castro is worth the trip. Other perks include numerous shops, gay bars, coffee shops, the GLBT history museum, and cute boutiques.

El Rio

Where:3158 Mission St Get there: Muni 12, 14, 14L,  26, 49, 67

El Rio is a popular queer bar in the Mission neighborhood that features cool happy hours, dancing, events, and live music. Seriously, check it out. Whole lotta queer fun.


Have you ever been to San Francisco? What are your favorite queer attractions?


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