48 Hours in Baltimore, MD

Hi! Did you miss us? Life has been busy lately with work and life and the holidays but we’re back! Asha has been busy building up her side business while I have been busy with doing what teaching is which is working crazy hours around the clock (teacher followers – you know what I mean) and trying to change lives or something. 😉

In one of our recent romantic getaways before the hustle and bustle of holiday stress, we visited Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore felt like a sweet haven for artists and other creatives, with a phenomenal art scene and foodie culture with food trucks galore. We felt right at home in Baltimore, which had a similar vibe to our home in Richmond, VA.


A Lesbian Suitcase


Lord Baltimore Hotel

Queer-o-meter: 9 out of 10

Race-o-meter: 10 out of 10

The Lord Baltimore Hotel is located in the inner harbor side of Baltimore. The hotel is near restaurants, bars, and the waterfront, and features an indoor bar, restaurant, and coffee shop & bakery. The hotel was diverse enough to cater to a wide variety of people from top execs to young couples and families. The room design was chic and masculine, but small. The hotel was within a 1-5 miles from everything in Baltimore.

The hotel also featured a lobby bar with phenomenal drinks and a reasonable selection for bar food.  The Lavender Martini is a must! But brace yourself – for a martini named lavender, there was nothing soft about it 😉 The main downside was the breakfast selection. For a breakfast buffet, it was overpriced and lacked in variety and quality. Conversely, the coffee shop selection catered to a wide variety of diners. For parking, be prepared to spend an additional $15-30 per day to park in a garage nearby.

A Lesbian Suitcase - Lord Baltimore Hotel

Lord Baltimore On-Site Restaurant, The French Kitchen



Baltimore Visionary Art Museum 

Queer-o-meter: 10 out of 10. We witnessed a gay wedding taking place in the museum, too.

Race-o-meter: 10 out of 10

This is an absolute must. From a homeless artist who made sculptures completely out of toothpicks to art made completely from bread, this art museum was both moving and innovative.

A Lesbian Suitcase - Baltimore Visionary Art Museum

Made completely out of bread!


A Lesbian Suitcase - Baltimore Visionary Art Museum

Made entirely of toothpicks!


A Lesbian Suitcase - Baltimore Visionary Art Museum

My favorite piece – “we must forgive to be forgiven”



The Salt 

Queer-o-meter: not sure

Race-o-meter: not sure

Not your typical dive restaurant and bar, this American restaurant featured a modern rustic feel with green lights with brick walls in a small cozy setting. Be careful if you have allergies though – list them twice! The food was an innovative glimpse into the chef’s imagination.

A Lesbian Suitcase - The Salt Baltimore MD


Next time – I want to check out more of the many art museums, neighborhoods, quirky coffee shops and bookstores. 48 hours was not enough time to see everything. Now tell us: have you ever been to Baltimore? What are your favorite perks?



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