About Us

Greetings fellow travelers – thanks for stopping by our blog.

Who We Are

We are Richmond locals with a love of travel outside of our 9-5s. Alli is a middle school teacher, who can often be found waking up at the crack of dawn, repeating directions over and over to middle schoolers, and never having enough planning time. Ausha is a message therapist and small business owner, who can be found making clients fall asleep with her magic hands. Ausha can make a whole room light up with her humor, while Alli is a little more laid back. Ausha loves to plan, while Alli is a little more spontaneous.

Alli is a fan of hostels, couchsurfing, and other “rugged” forms of travel, while Ausha is a fan of the more sanitary options. Together, we take a balanced and practical approach to travel with room for both the rugged and more luxurious. Needless to say, we find ourselves in some fun adventures together.

Welcome to our travel blog, where we give a glimpse of our travels and our quirky lives.